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About Wings Academy

The Wings Academy is a long-standing and well-recognized division of Trinity Christian Academy with clinical services from Angel reach Foundation, and one which facilitates extraordinary gains in children with special needs, especially those with Developmental Delays, Autism, Learning Variable Abilities, Fine Motor or Sensory difficulties, ADD/ADHD and Behavioral challenges. Trinity established the first clinical education program in our community in 2004, founding unique techniques which continue to prove that all students can raise their educational and functional achievements to the next level.

Our extraordinary ratio of professionals to students offers an average commonality of one highly trained team member for every two students. Fully integrating various therapy focuses and research-based interventions in highly individualized programming, including Applied Behavior Analysis, Occupational, Speech/Language, Socio-Relational ™, Sensory Integration, Developmental Play skills, Movement Therapy, Acupressure, and Biomedical Resource support, the Wings Academy distinguishes itself through its innovative, compassionate and highly specialized professionals.

Especializations & Programs

Wide range of areas for student development, including:  

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Vision & Mission

The Wings Academy is the original intensive, integrated clinical education model introduced to our community in 2004 which continues to support extraordinary achievement in students with special needs displaying a wide range of abilities, strengths and needs. The Wings Academy succeeds in consistently maximizing individual learning potentials through innovative, comprehensive, and individualized educational and clinical treatment programs.  The Wings Academy brings state of the art educational programs which are highly integrated with multiple therapy modalities, including Applied Behavior Analysis, Child Oriented Developmental Play, Speech & Language, Occupational, Sensory, Movement, and Theater Arts, and our proprietary model for Socio-Relational Intervention for students in Pre-K through high school.  

The Wings Academy provides award-winning programming in support of each child and his/her family through educational, clinical and biomedical resources for children, adolescents and young adults demonstrating developmental delays including Autism, Apraxia, ADD/ADHD, Learning Variable Abilities, Sensory Integration, Behavior  and other functional or emotional challenges. Instruction occurs throughout the day in highly integrated settings as all our highly trained staff must hold not only appropriate certifications, but must additionally complete our required intensive comprehensive trainings which facilitate such programatic integration. We offer individuals with varying abilities a place to feel welcomed and nurtured, and the opportunity to receive integrated, customized educational and therapy services within one single facility.

Our programs foster advanced skill development and enhance learning, communication, and social functioning so that each individual may fulfill his greatest capabilities. Our goal is to have each child, adolescent or young adult develop their highest potentials so as to become leaders in our community as independent adults with the capacity and desire for contributing to our society.  Our organizational values of excellence, integrity, compassion, dedication, determination and respect drive our unique approach to supporting our students and their families so that achievements reach the highest potentials. We firmly believe “anything is possible.”

Distinguished by

The origin of the Wings Academy programming came out of the personal need experienced by the founder’s own child after receiving an Autism diagnosis. Exhaustive national searches for the most effective interventions, and collaboration from experts across multiple clinical, medical and educational fields led to the development of a unique program that was to become established as the first of its kind in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Since its foundation in 2004, this uniquely effective model has now expanded into a full Pre-K through high school program which has proven to facilitate extraordinary achievement in functional, social, communicative and cognitive gains in children presenting with varying developmental delays.

The Angels Reach Wings Academy is distinguished by:

  • State certified, degreed and intensively trained educators who also earn certification as Registered Behavior Therapists
  • Certified and degreed (including Doctoral level) behavior analysts and clinical therapists.
  • Intensive and continual in-house training ensuring that all teachers, assistant educators, therapists, supervisors and counselors are qualified to support multiple therapy modalities and teaching practices within individual, paired and small group settings
  • Integration of the most supportive therapy methods throughout every comprehensive session facilitates optimal development across all areas of need.
  • Focus on language, communication, social skills, self-regulation, functional living and individual cognitive abilities to support independence and continued growth.
  • Daily one-on-one, paired, small group intensive attention by a professional, cross-trained and dedicated staff.
  • Inclusion with specially trained peers who serve as peer mentors.
  • Convenience and affordability of having the most successful interventions integrated within a school day at one location.
  • Nurturing environment where a child’s individual strengths and needs are regularly monitored and challenged.
  • Proven and established since 2004 to be uniquely effective at supporting maximum development in children.
  • Parent support for participation includes private and/or group training as well as regular parent networking/support meetings.
  • Special diets strictly observed with team members trained in basics of GF/CF food handling.