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Trinity believes that the greatest responsibility of educational institutions rests not only upon facilitating the development of each student’s cognitive and academic abilities to their maximum potentials in order to open all possible future opportunities for personal and career success, but that education is charged with facilitating community and humanitarian development beyond personal needs. We recognize that we are truly shaping tomorrow’s leaders today through our unique Ambassadors Leadership Development Program which provides daily instruction and real-life experience in applying individual skills to a greater cause.


Students who attend the Trinity Masters Academy learn to learn together. Each student is valued for his or her individual gifts and strengths, and is also taught to carry on continual self-analysis in the pursuit of personal and community support. Our focus is to assist our Regular Education and Gifted/Advanced Education students to develop the capacity to:

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Vision & Mission

The Trinity Masters Academy is a unique preparatory school program dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards of academic success for a diverse student population within a complex and forward-moving environment. Classrooms are supported through an extraordinary ratio of professionals to students, within very small class groupings. Recognizing the need to develop leaders who act as global change agents with skill and compassion, the proprietary Angels Reach Ambassadors Leadership Development Program is the hallmark of the Masters’ Academy as it uniquely inspires our students beyond educational excellence and develops proactive humanitarian and personal achievement.

The Trinity Masters Academy fosters leadership and excellence from students with demonstrated or yet unrevealed potential. Success is measured in notable achievement in literacy, mathematics, science, arts, humanities, robotics, journalism and entrepreneurship, as well as in real-life contributions of worth to our internal, local and global communities.